PeopleSoft 9.2

What Drove the PeopleSoft 9.2 Release

“What’s New in PeopleSoft Projects (ESA) & Staffing 9.2 & Beyond”  –  Regents/Oracle presentation at OpenWorld 2013

Demands for a Better User Experience

Financial Concerns

System Complexity Concerns

Desire for Flexibility

Desire for Something New

Better User Experience

  • Re-Designed Transactions
  • New Interaction Paradigms
  • New Mobile Interfaces

Financial Concerns

  • Control of Cost & Cash Flow
  • Business Case & ROI Analyses by Customers
  • Control Over Rate of System Change via PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM)

System Complexity Concerns

  • More Delivered, Easier to Use Functions & Integrations
  • Oracle Cloud Services & Engineered Systems
  • New Administration & Lifecycle Management Tools

Desire for Flexibility

  • New Transaction Configurability & Resilience
  • More Business Analyst/Power User-Configurable Tools
  • Control of Cost & Timing with New PSFT Update

Desire for Something New

  • New PeopleSoft Customers & References
  • Next Generation User Interface & Collaboration
  • Oracle Product Roadmap Driven by You

Self-ServiceRedesigned Self-Service  – Expense Reporting for Everyone

Embedded Help, Printable Expense Report, Receipts Required Indicator

Header & Line Level Receipt Attachments

Instant Updates for Faster Response and

Role-based User Interface Offering Configurable Entry Capture Options

UI Redesign for Cash Advances &Travel Authorizations

Express Expense Report Flow

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ApplyOnLIneRedesigned Staffing Front Office Apply Online

Self-Service Process

The enhanced apply online process incorporates a Train stop that leverages a turnstyle type paradigm that users are familiar with and is widely adopted. It is simple and targeted to a user’s need.

Sub-steps can be configured for tasks and are typically used when the user will need to access multiple pages or a single complex page for a particular task.

The new skip registration option allows users to quickly access the apply online process without registering.

If users do register they will now have the ability to login at a later date and update their profile and/or resume contents.

Resume parsing engine coming in 9.2+

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InteractionSearch EngineNew Interaction Paradigms for All Users

Secure Enterprise Search to Find & Access What You Need with Ease

Free Text Search
Search Across Multiple Objects and Instances
Search on Attachments, Descriptions, etc…
Filter Search Results
Find Related Information and Actions

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Regents Upgrade Methodology

Regents Consulting Upgrade Methodology

Regents is involved in a number of Staffing 9.2 upgrades. This release delivers a whole new level of functional richness, complete with configurable frameworks that are built into the platform.

Configurable frameworks = less expensive to implement and maintain.

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We and our clients agree that 9.2 is a real turning point and is extremely exciting for everyone in the organization.

Business owners and IT rollout something that is clearly going to drive concrete business results and lower the cost of doing so.

End Users get software that is tailored to their needs – with new tools and configurability, PeopleSoft has the feel of a point solution in terms of user experience and functionality – but unlike a point solution, the Business and its End Users benefit of an integrated suite for broad, complex business flows.