Professional Services, Staffing, Higher Education and Commercial Clients

Strengthening Staffing  and Professional Service Organizations demands solutions, expertise and the right application of technology

Solutions:  Our consultants have created Custom Time Entry Solutions, Enhanced Pay/Bill Integrations and Reconciliation Tools. They have solved numerous industry-related problems like Retro Rate Adjustments, Commission Splits, WIP Reconciliation, Pay When Paid, and VMS Integration.

Expertise: PeopleSoft’s Staffing Solution is a highly integrated, multiple-module suite. The Regents Consulting team has vast product and staffing industry knowledge, and unequaled expertise in successfully implementing and upgrading Staffing Front Office.

Right Application of Technology:  Regents understands the technologies that are the foundation of staffing applications – applicant processing, recruiting and onboarding,  candidate search, portal technology, third-party integration, integration between Front and Back Office, and integration between HCM, FSCM and Staffing Front Office.

Implementations, Upgrades and Staff Augmentation for Commercial Organizations require foresight, business knowledge, and competence

Foresight: Commercial organizations exist on profit. With quality, PeopleSoft implementation and upgrade projects are not costly ventures that hit the bottom line. Regents’ consultants have the experience to anticipate roadblocks, identify and mitigate risks, work with great speed and accuracy.

Business Knowledge: Our consultants are real-deal, been-there-done-that techno-functional experts, they are superior configurators; they are application savvy, business process savvy, and fast. Knowledge of  budgeting and planning, accounting and process efficiency drive successful projects.

Competence: Regents requires a combination of highly specialized technical and functional skills from all of our consultants. Regents consultants are business analysts, process design experts, PeopleSoft coders and professional project managers with the skill sets demanded by complex PeopleSoft projects.

PeopleSoft for Higher Education demands experience, integration know-how, and technical skill

Experience: Implementing enterprise solutions in Higher Education is a unique challenge. Our team includes former Higher Education Administrators and Directors who have also successfully led multiple PeopleSoft projects. They are richly experienced PeopleSoft experts who guide our clients to success in their implementation and upgrade projects.

Integration Know-How: The Regents Higher Education team provides services across the entire PeopleSoft ecosystem including Human Capital Management and Financials Systems Capital Management. Integration points between systems are on the critical path to success in Higher Ed.

Technical Skill: Regulatory requirements, third-party interfaces, student and faculty portals, administrative dashboards, Grants, Project and Contracts require a high level of technical skill including technical configurations, PeopleTools and PeopleCode, reporting writing and business analysis. Regents has it all.