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Our Company Principles

We Exceed Expectations

Every consulting engagement’s foundation is a defined work effort – a structured approach to analyze, design, construct, improve, and deploy; to take advantage of opportunities – to risk money, time and talent for a defined, expected future: a planned, hoped-for outcome.

Every successful engagement creates a complex composition of orchestrated tasks, employing the talent of its individual players to execute to a plan.  Our clients expect knowledgeable resources, clear methodology, decisive action, thorough planning and great communication. Our consultants seek to discover, own, and solve business issues in ways that surprise and delight, providing unexpected results that exceed the requirements of discovery and implementation.

We Empower

The consultants who become a part of the Regents team all have demonstrated skills and abilities accumulated through years of professional experience. Our management approach promotes self-accountability, self-responsibility and self-motivation for resources who know how to be decisive, make recommendations, and take action. This is empowerment.

Regents consultants commit to the energy and time needed to ensure that client’s resources are similarly empowered; that they have the knowledge and clarity of purpose to achieve their goals and those of their company.

Organizing timely, quality communication is the context in which we empower our resources to have the freedom to act, to use their talent effectively and without unwarranted constraints.

We Energize

We believe that a fun and energized work environment supports creativity and productivity.  We are serious-minded, but not dull.

We strive to create a highly energized, positive work environment where exceptional people feel exceptional about themselves and their contributions to the organization.

We Empathize

Consulting engagements can become inefficient and even adversarial if teams do not listen and respond to each other with support that encompasses the whole person.  Understanding a situation from many points of view and incorporating the natural diversity of opinion, experience and perception found in client and consulting teams is a core value for Regents’ consultants.

We Evolve

As an organization we are constantly evolving.  We believe that our ability to learn gives us the opportunity and responsibility to add value to our customers and ourselves alike.  We learn by taking risks, not repeating mistakes, and by pushing ourselves forward with new ideas and innovative problem- solving approaches.  We make ourselves stronger and more valuable each day by evolving as an organization and as individuals.