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When it comes to good advice and strong execution, Regents delivers. We offer decades of relevant, real-world consulting experience to take your vision to reality. And (even better) to get your tech and business teams on the same page.

Let Regents help you build a business case for modernization, one that links IT strategies to operational objectives. The world’s largest and most innovative staffing and professional services firms trust our unbiased, tech-agnostic advice and implementation plans.

Align business and tech priorities with PMO, PPM, program, and project management resources. Regents handles all the details.

Regents’ approach speeds up implementation by quickly addressing standard business functions to focus on what makes you unique.

Regents has expertise in traditional Waterfall, hybrid Agile, and Agile methodologies. Our work fits right into your organization.

From project estimating to change control policies, Regents provides a detailed framework for successful implementations.

Past projects have stories to tell. Write your narrative with Regents.

We leverage our extensive project history to determine the path your implementation will take. While the outline follows a standardized script, the details are all yours.

• Master plans that anticipate every contingency

• A methodology adapted to your organization’s capabilities

• Integrated change management for rapid adoption

Make technical debt a thing of the past.

Build flexibility into your new platform from the get-go to avoid the pitfalls of sticking with the status quo. Regents guides you to a future-ready tech stack that reduces your reliance on outdated processes.

Get an unbiased and agnostic tech perspective.

Regents cultivates a deep understanding of the tech ecosystem for staffing and professional services clients. Our partnerships expand our knowledge but never dictate the decisions that we make in your best interests.

Quickly absorb, analyze, and adjust your options.

A typical implementation covers more than 500 front, middle, and back office requirements. Regents has been there, done that, many times and we’re always up for a challenge.

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